Research in astrophysics and cosmology is developing rapidly in both theory and observations, which gives us an unprecedented view into the nature of the universe.

Our group primarily uses theoretical astrophysics to study the mysteries of the universe. There are two approaches to the study of the universe: one approach is to study the universe as a verification of basic physics, while the other is to study the evolution of the universe itself and its evolution based on observed facts. We train new researchers to consider both of these approaches in order to foster a broad understanding of astronomical phenomena.

We research a wide range of topics, including the following: the formation of galaxies and large-scale structure over cosmic time; high-energy astrophysics regarding phenomena that is too energetic to be replicated on Earth; protoplanetary systems and star formation with accretion disks; extreme compact objects such as neutron stars and black holes; and distortions of space-time known as gravitational waves.

In all of our research, we place special emphasis on using astronomy to advance our understanding of physics.

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Prof. Yoshiyuki Inoue joins our research group!
Prof. Shinsuke Takasao joins our research group!