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===== 内部コロキウム発表者の心得 =====

=== The Principles of Internal Colloquium ===
This is not just a place to present one's own research work. The speaker should prepare the presentation elaborately without any prejudice from one's own research field, review the topic with a broad introduction, and discuss it deeply from multiple angles. The duration of the presentation should be about 90-120 minutes including Q&A.

========== 今年度の予定/ Schedule ==========
April 2015
4/1 No Colloquium
4/8 No Colloquium
4/15 No Colloquium
4/22 OUTAP colloquium Prof.Takashi Hosokawa
(Tokyo Univ.)
Formation of Massive Primordial Stars
4/29 (Holiday) No Colloquium
5/6 (Holiday) No Colloquium
5/13 OUTAP colloquium Prof. Isaac Shlosman THE ROLE OF BARS IN GALAXY EVOLUTION
5/20 Dr. Shohei Aoyama Decaying dark matter cosmology with arbitrary decay mass products
5/27 Dr. Ikkoh Shimizu Hunting galaxies at z > 7
6/3 (No Colloquium)
6/10 Mr. Hiroki Kato Gas motion in Bar Galaxy with inner bar
6/16, 17 Midterm Presentations
6/24 Mr. Yusuke Kunisawa Global Structure of Isothermal Diffuse X-ray Emission along the Fermi Bubbles
7/1 Mr. Kazuya Kodani Shock waves caused by merging galaxy clusters
7/8 川村研セミナー(F524) 13:30~ Prof. Hiroshi Tsunemi X線天文衛星ASTRO-Hのこれまでとこれからについて
7/15 No Colloquium
7/22 No Colloquium
7/29 OUTAP colloquium Prof. Kenji Kadota
(IBS, Korea)
Constraining the dark matter from 21cm signals
9/2 No Colloquium The entrance examination for 2016
9/9 ASJ meeting
No Colloquium
9/16 OUTAP colloquium Prof. Hirashita Hiroyuki
Modeling the dust evolution in galaxies
9/23 (Holiday) No Colloquium
9/30 Prof. Kentaro Nagamine Recent Hot Topics in Galaxy Formation and Numerical Cosmology
10/7 Prof. Yutaka Fujita Turbulent Cosmic Ray Reacceleration at Radio Relics and Halos in Clusters of Galaxies
10/14 OUTAP colloquium Prof. John D. Silverman
(Kavli IPMU)
Environmental influences on growing supermassive black holes
10/21 ESS seminar (F608) Dr. Masayuki Wada
WIMP dark matter search of the DarkSide
Prof. Kengo Tomida What I have done,
what I am doing,
and what I will do
10/28 Dr. Yang Luo Radiation Transport With FLD Approximation
for the Formation of SMBH via Direct Collapse
Prof. Isaac Shlosman's intensive lectures [10/20, 10/22, 10/27, 10/29, 11/5 (14:00~16:15)]
11/4 Dr. Shohei Aoyama Simulations of dust formation with dust size distribution
11/11 OUTAP colloquium Dr. Genoveva Micheva
(Subaru Telescope, NAOJ, Hawaii)
High-z sources of Lyman Continuum from the SSA22 field
11/12 ESS seminar (F608) Prof. Richard de Grijs
(KIAA, Peking Univ.)
Not-so-simple stellar populations in nearby, resolved massive star clusters
11/18 OUTAP colloquium Dr. Ken Chen
EACOA fellow(NAOJ)
The Cosmic Dawn : Physics of the First Luminous Objects
11/25 Workshop of galaxy formation and IGM at Osaka-Sangyo Univ. (Umeda) No Colloquium
12/2 D3 presentation Mr. Satoru Takakura Cosmic microwave background B-mode polarization measurement with POLARBEAR
12/9 M2 presentation Mr. Kazuya Kodani Shock waves caused by subsonic galaxy cluster merger
12/16 M2 presentation Mr. Yusuke Kunisawa
12/23-25 Rironkon symposium No Colloquium
January 2016
1/6 Dr. Ikko Shimizu Stellar mass definition & IGM・CGM at high-z
1/13 Mr. Hiroki Kato Bars effect at the center of galaxy
1/19 M2 presentation(2) Mr. Kazuya Kodani /
Mr. Yusuke Kunisawa
The former (KK) will start at 11:00 and
the latter (YK) will start at 12:00.
1/20 B4 presentation Mr. Adachi /
Mr. Nakamura
銀河団と銀河群ハローの形成進化と物質分布 (足立) / 銀河の星形成率の宇宙論的進化の理論モデルおよび観測との比較 (中村)
1/22 (Fri.) OUTAP colloquium
Dr. Kent Yagi Probing Fundamental Physics with Universal Relations for Neutron Stars
1/27 Mr. Tatsuya Satsuka
1/30 (Sat.) B4 public defense (F102) Mr. Adachi /
Mr. Nakamura
銀河団と銀河群ハローの形成進化と物質分布 (足立) / 銀河の星形成率の宇宙論的進化の理論モデルおよび観測との比較 (中村)
2/3-2/5 Ph.D. public defense
No Colloquium
2/9-2/10 Master's thesis defense (修論公聴会) No Colloquium
2/17 OUTAP colloquium Dr. Ken Mawatari
(Osaka-Sangyo Univ.)
Discovery of a new type DLA: HI absorber along a galaxy sight-line
2/22 OUTAP colloquium Dr. Shinsuke Takasao
(Kyoto University)
Oscillations seen in solar flares: What can we learn from observations of oscillations?
3/2 TSRP / ESS seminar (H701) Prof. Ken Nagamine,
Prof. Luca Baiotti,
Prof. Kengo Tomida
Gravitational wave discovery by adv-LIGO : Discussion seminar



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