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===== 内部コロキウム発表者の心得 =====

=== The Principles of Internal Colloquium ===
This is not just a place to present one's own research work. The speaker should prepare the presentation elaborately without any prejudice from one's own research field, review the topic with a broad introduction, and discuss it deeply from multiple angles. The duration of the presentation should be about 90-120 minutes including Q&A.

========== 今年度の予定/ Schedule ==========
April 2014
4/3 Seminar Dr. Choi
(Univ. of Texas, Austin)
Formation of Primordial Super Massive Black Holes
4/3 Seminar Prof. Begelman
(University of Colorado)
What Can Tidal Disruption Events Teach Us About Black Hole
4/4 Seminar Dr. Yajima
(University of Edinburgh)
Growth of massive black holes in first galaxies
4/9 No Colloquium No Colloquium
4/16 OUTAP colloquium Dr. Baiotti
(Osaka Univ.)
General-relativistic simulations of binary neutron star mergers
4/23 Mr. Sano Gravitational self-force from radiation gauge metric Perturbation
4/30 Prof. Nagamine HYPER ACCRETION
5/7 Prof. Fujita The relation between Bondi accretion rate and jet power in cluster central dominant galaxies
5/14 OUTAP colloquium Dr. Nakano
(Kyoto Univ.)
Binary Black Holes in General Relativity
5/21 OUTAP colloquium Prof. Nagataki
Astrophysical Big Bang: From Engine to Remnants
5/28 Lecture Prof. Shlosman Galactic Dynamics and Interstellar Medium
6/4 Lecture Prof. Shlosman Galactic Dynamics and Interstellar Medium
6/5 OUTAP colloquium Prof. Barausse
(Institut Astrophysique de Paris)
Compact objects as probes of astrophysics, gravity and fundamental physics
6/11 Lecture Prof. Shlosman Galactic Dynamics and Interstellar Medium
6/18 Dr. Do Cao Convection and magnetism in solar type stars
6/25 Dr. Luo Observations of the Galactic Hot Gas
7/2 M2 series Mr. Satsuka Multiphase, non-spherical gas accretion onto a black hole
7/9 M2 series Mr. Shinoda Steady spherical accretion of radiation-dominated gas
7/16 No Colloquium No Colloquium
7/17,18 Midterm presentation Doctor course students, PDs, and staffs
7/30 (Summer School) No Colloquium
9/3 Prof. Tagoshi Data analysis of gravitational waves from spinning compact binary systems
9/10 Dr. Ueno Demensional reduction of CBC GW template space for realtime data processing
9/17 OUTAP colloquium Prof. Ohsuga
Radiation Magnetohydrodynamics Simulations of Black Hole Accretion Flows and Outflows
9/30 Mr. Sano Visualizing spacetime curvature of analytical black hole binary
10/1 OUTAP colloquium Prof. Hirashita
Dust Processing in the Interstellar Medium and Dust Enrichment in Galaxies
10/8 Mr. Kimura Hot Accretion Flow and Non-thermal Particles
10/15 Dr. Narikawa Testing Alternative Theories of Gravity with Gravitational Waves
10/21 OUTAP colloquium Dr. Takami
(Goethe University Frankfurt am Main)
Binary Neutron Stars in both Fundamental Physics and Astrophysics
10/29 Mr. Kato Gas cloud dropping to galactic center
11/5 Dr. Do Cao The astrophysical dynamo from planets to stars
11/12 Dr. Luo AGN fueling
11/18(tue) D3 series Mr. Kimura High Energy Particles in Hot Accretion Flows onto Super Massive Black Holes
11/26 D3 series Mr. Sano Perturbed gravitational field of the Kerr black hole and a rotating ring
12/3 M2 series Mr. Shinoda Lyman Alpha Emission from Direct Collapse Halo
12/10 M2 series Mr. Satsuka Gas Dynamics around AGN
12/16(tue) OUTAP colloquium Prof. Takabe
(Osaka Univ.)
Laser Astrophysics on High-Mach Collisionless Shocks via Self-Organization Physics in Universe
12/17 M2 series Mr. Tsuji SPH Simulations of Accretion onto a Supermassive Black Hole
12/24 (Rironkon Sympo.) No Colloquium
January 2015
1/7 OUTAP colloquium Dr. Inoue
Unveiling the nature of AGN coronae through future sub-mm and X-ray observations
1/14 Prof. Yajima Stellar dynamics and the birth of massive BHs in first galaxies
1/21 Dr. Ueno Remnant massive neutron stars of binary neutron star mergers:Evolution process and gravitational waveform
1/28 B4 presentation
1/31(sat) Bachelor defense
2/5(thu) Master defense practice
2/4(wed)-6(fri) Ph.D. defense
2/11 (Holiday) No Colloquium
2/12(thu),13(fri) Master defense
2/17(tue) OUTAP colloquium Prof. Pinto
Prof. Troiano
Dr. Vitelli
(University of Sannio)
2/18 OUTAP colloquium Dr. Kiuchi
(Kyoto Univ.)
2/25 (entrance examination) No Colloquium



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