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===== 内部コロキウム発表者の心得 =====

=== The Principles of Internal Colloquium ===
This is not just a place to present one's own research work. The speaker should prepare the presentation elaborately without any prejudice from one's own research field, review the topic with a broad introduction, and discuss it deeply from multiple angles. The duration of the presentation should be about 90-120 minutes including Q&A.

========== 今年度の予定/ Schedule ==========
April 2013
4/10 Dr. Toma Electromagnetic signals prior to the NS-NS merger
4/17 Dr. Ueno Several studies on neutrino physics and GUT at Super-Kamiokande
4/24 OUTAP colloquium Dr. Oda
Luminous hard states of black hole accretion flows
5/1 Dr. Narikawa Testing gravity on cosmological / astrophysical scales
5/8 Mr. Ohtani Episodic accretion outbursts in protostellar evolution
5/15 Mr. Hasegawa Numerical modeling of the coagulation and porosity evolution of dust aggregates
5/22 Mr. Teraki The revision of the linear acceleration emission
5/29 Mr. Kimura Particle acceleration in advection dominated accretion flows with shocks
6/5 休み(YKIS)
6/12-14 中間発表会
6/19 Mr. Takakura Lecture on Inflation
6/21 OUTAP colloquium Prof. Suto
(Tokyo Univ.)
多重トランジット惑星系KOI-94のplanet-planet eclipse発見とTTV解析
The discovery of planet-planet eclipse and TTV analysis of a multi-transit planetary system KOI-94
6/26 Mr. Sano 回転リングによる ブラックホール摂動
Perturbation of a slowly rotating black hole by a stationary axisymmetric ring of matter
7/3 Prof. Nagamine Black hole accretion, outflows & thermal instability
7/10 Prof. Fujita Re-acceleration of non-thermal particles at weak cosmological shock waves
7/17 OUTAP colloquium Prof. Fukagawa
(Osaka Univ.)
ALMA observations of an asymmetrically-gapped protoplanetary disk
7/24 Mr. Kato Destruction of the planet by tidal force
7/31 休み(夏の学校)
8月 休み
9/2 OUTAP colloquium Prof. Hazumi
Cosmic Microwave Background Polarization Measurements
9/4 休み(セミナー)
9/11 休み(天文学会)
9/18 Prof. Tagoshi スピン連星の運動、重力波波形、データ解析
The motion, waveform, and data analysis of the spinning binaries
9/25 休み(集中講義)
10/2 休み(集中講義)
10/4 OUTAP colloquium Prof. Hoshino
(Univ. of Tokyo)
Particle Acceleration and Angular Momentum Transport by Magnetorotational Instability (MRI) in Collisionless Accretion Disks
10/9 OUTAP colloquium Prof. Hashimoto
(Osaka Univ.)
From superstring to condensed matter physics
10/16 OUTAP colloquium Prof. Inoue
(Osaka Sangyo Univ.)
Lyman bump galaxies: a new population of high-z galaxies emitting strong Lyman continuum
10/17 OUTAP colloquium Dr. Vorobyov
(Univ. of Vienna)
Protostellar disk fragmentation and its implications for star and planet formation
10/23 OUTAP colloquium Prof. Susa
(Konan Univ.)
The mass of the first stars
10/30 Mr. Teraki Superluminal waves in Pulsar wind
11/6 OUTAP colloquium Prof. Suzuki
(Nagoya Univ.)
Roles of MHD turbulence in protoplanetary disks
11/13 Mr. Ohtani Mass outbursts driven by thermal instability in the disk
11/20 Mr. Hasegawa Effects of tidal and Coriolis forces on shear instabilities in the dust layer
11/27 OUTAP colloquium Prof. Oda
(Osaka Univ.)
Minimal Higgs inflation
12/4 修論内容レビュー Mr. Kato Tidal disruption of the clumps around a protostar
12/11 OUTAP colloquium Prof. Honma
12/18 休み(国際シンポ)
12/25 休み(理論懇シンポ)
January 2014
1/8 OUTAP colloquium Dr. Nishizawa
(Kyoto Univ.)
Test of Alternative Theory of Gravity with Gravitational-wave Polarizations
1/15 Prof. Tsuribe Introduction for the Rossby Wave Instability
1/22 Mr. Kimura Basics of the second-order Fermi acceleration
1/29 B4発表練習 Mr. Kotani, Mr. Naito, Mr. Yosimura
2/1 卒論発表会 (専攻行事)
2/4 修論発表練習 Mr. Kato
2/5-7 博士公聴会 (専攻行事)
2/12,13 修論発表会 (専攻行事)
2/19 Mr. Sano (postponed)
2/26 休み(学部入試)
3/5 OUTAP colloquium Prof. Kohri
21cm, gravitational wave, and PBH or UCMH formations to observe small-scale fluctuations
3/27 OUTAP colloquium Dr. Mizuno
(Tsing-Hua Univ.)
Current-Driven Kink Instability in Magnetically Dominated Relativistic Jets




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