This seminar is CANCELED due to heavy rain. Hope things will get back to normal as soon as possible.
Date : 7/11 (Wed) [15:00 - ] @F313
Speaker: Prof. Nobuhiro Okabe (Hiroshima University)
Title : Subaru Weak-lensing Study of Galaxy Cluster
Abstract: Weak-lensing analysis of galaxy clusters is a dire
ct probe to measure cluster masses without any assumption of
cluster dynamical states. Thanks to exquisite imaging quali
ty of the prime-focus cameras (S-Cam/HSC) of Subaru telescop
e, there were/are dramatic improvements in cluster weak-lens
ing analysis in recent 10 years. We first summarize highligh
ts of weak-lensing analysis of clusters at z\sim 0.2 from th
e LoCuSS (Local Cluster Substructure Survey) project using S
-cam and explain the importance of how to control systematic
s caused by contaminations of member galaxies in shape catal
og. We next talk about a new project of very nearby clusters
at z\sim0.04 using HSC. Finally, we introduce the on-going
HSC-SSP survey covering 1400sqdeg and its related multi-wave
length projects.

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