Date : 7/17 (Wed) 14:15 @F313
Speaker: Dr. Ting-Wen Lan (IPMU)
Title : Probing the Circumgalactic Medium with the SDSS

Date : 6/12 (Wed) 14:15 @F313
Speaker: Prof. Yusuke Tsukamoto (Kagoshima University)
Title : Impact of non-ideal effects in protostar formation and their observational signatures

Date : 6/5 (Wed) 14:15 @F313
Speaker: Dr. Yichen Zhang (RIKEN)
Title : Observing Angular Momentum Transfer in Star Formation: Disk Formation, Binary Formation and Wind Launching

Date : 5/15 (Wed) 14:15 @F313
Speaker: Dr. Daisuke Toyouchi (Kyoto University)
Title : Gaseous dynamical friction onto moving massive BHs under dusty environment

Date : 5/8 (Wed) 14:15 @F313
Speaker: Dr. Renyue Cen (Princeton University)
Title : Computing the Universe: from Intergalactic Medium to Interstellar Medium

Date : 4/24 (Wed) 14:15 @F313
Speaker: Prof. Takayuki Saitoh (Kobe University)
Title : Development of chemical evolution library and its applications